SharmRend Competition

It is our pleasure to announce the winners of “Azza Arfeen research Competition”. We have received 20 entries. We sincerely thank all entrants for their valuable and creative input. It will be taken into due consideration .

The First Winner is the entry by Ms. Yasmine El Kadi , GAIF.
The Second Winner is the entry by Mr. Hani Kurdi , APEX.
The Third Winner is the entry by Ms. Irini Ayman , Cairo University.

- Winners will receive letters by emails to start their process to attend the award event.

- The organizing committee of Sharm Rendezvous offers the winners free registration to the event and free accommodation during the official days of the conference.

3 rd IFE Competition for Creative Professionals "Azza Arfeen Competition"

The Chairman of the Insurance Federation of Egypt and President of the Organizing Committee of 3rd Sharm Rendezvous has the pleasure to announce the 3rd Round of SPI Competition for creative professionals, which has become one of the main features of Sharm Rendezvous, and one of the insurance world's most prestigious awards. As you may know, this competition is held annually. It was held for two consecutive years in 1st Sharm Rendezvous 2018 and in 2nd Sharm Rendezvous 2019.

This year, the organizing committee has named the Competition in honor of Mrs. Azza Arfeen, the former Executive Director of IFE marking the first anniversary of her passing. The success of the 1st and the 2nd Sharm Rendezvous is credited to her sincere and remarkable efforts. She was the Originator of the idea of "SPI Educational Competition" which was held in the two past Sharm Rendezvous.


we were surprised from the unexpected success of the 1st and 2nd SPI competitions as we had around 20 competitors from all over the world.

This was amazing for the first two years! Our objective for the 3rd edition of the SPI competition is continuing this success and give the chance for all creative professionals to spread their precious ideas through the SPIs topics of IFE 3rd Sharm Rendezvous and FAIR 27th Conference.

It is an important step that motivates you to discover your abilities to take the first step of being ranked vis-à-vis your fellow competitors…

Be proud to show that you know you are doing “Good” for yourself and for your industry.

The Criteria of the 3rd SPI Competition:

The process is transparent, the criteria and categories are clearly defined, the referees are distinguished domestic and international figures among the session experts, and the results are independently audited.

The subject of the Research has to be related to one of the SPIs included in the Conference Agenda, which are:

  • SPI-1 : Insurance regulatory & supervisory response, post covid 19
  • SPI-2 : Insurtech and digitalization driving the future of insurance industry
  • SPI-3 : Sustainable insurance and inclusion strategies.
  • SPI-4 : Business model challenges: new way of working .
  • SPI-5 : Re-engagement and Transformation of the Insurance Industry.

Each competitor should choose a subject which best suits his/her particular knowledge and enthusiasm, and according to the competition rules the competitors have to treat their subjects in an original way, not simply quoting or collating the ideas of others.

The Rules of the competition are as follows:

  • The participant should not be more than 50 years old in September 2021.
  • The submitted research should not have previously won any other research or scientific competition
  • The research should be original and not quoted.
  • The contestant should not have won one of the "Sharm Rendezvous" competition prizes for the last year
  • The research should be scientifically documented with references and sources
  • Research submitted for the competition is not returned, whether it won or not.
  • All IFE & FAIR employees are not allowed to participate in this competition
  • Submission Deadline is 1st August, 2021

Papers Preparation Requirements:

  • The paper must be written in English and follow these requirements and must take the form of an essay.
  • Length : The submitted Article should not exceed 15 pages. Page limits include all charts/graphs, references, and any appendices.
  • Appearance and Format :
    • Papers must be submitted in MS Word or Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format.
    • Font should be Times New Roman - point size 14.
    • Margins of 2.5 cm all around.
    • Papers must be typed (double spaced) or printed and submitted in duplicate on A4 white paper.
  • Charts and Citations: Charts and graphs should be “stylized”; that is, exhibits should be developed, formatted, and inserted into the document appropriately. Cutting and pasting direct output from statistical software into the document is not satisfactory
  • Co- authors: Papers written by more than one entrant are permitted noting that maximum number for co-author is two.
  • One Submission: Entrants may submit only one paper, whether as sole author or co- author
  • Entrants should NOT write his/her name or any personal data on the internal pages of the submitted article.

Entry Forms:

First Method: Hard Copy

  • You have to submit :
    • One printed copy of the research on A4 white paper.
    • An abstract of the research that does not exceed one paper.
    • An electronic copy on a CD or Flash Memory.
  • You have to put the above mentioned in a closed envelop with following data written on it:
    Research Headline
    Participant Name
    Telephone Home: Mobile:
  • All researches should be submitted to the Insurance Federation of Egypt on the following address:
    • 10 Iran Street – Dokki – Giza - Arab Republic of Egypt
    • P.O Box: (1) People’s Assembly Or (527) Orman
    • Postal Code: 12311

Second Method: Electronic Copy

  • The following files should be submitted electronically :
    • The main research.
    • A one page Abstract of the research .
  • A separate file with the following information :
    Paper Title SPI ( ) : ……………………………………………
    Telephone Home: Mobile:
  • The above mentioned files should be submitted electronically to the scientific committee of the conference via the following e-mails:
    • To: (Dr. Tarek Seif, Secretary General of the insurance Federation of Egypt)
    • CC:


  • Awards will be announced in 10th , September 2021
  • The awards will be cash prizes with certificates of Appreciation offered for the best 3 Researches.
  • The winning papers will be published on the Conference website.


1st  SPI Award
2500 $
1st  SPI Award 2500 $
2nd  SPI Award
2000 $
2nd  SPI Award 2000 $
3rd  SPI Award
1500 $
1st  SPI Award 2500 $

The Referees:

A panel of 10 distinguished referees from SPIs 2021 speakers and moderators will review the articles and give a score for each competitor (out of 100), and send the final score of the four winners to the presidents of the 3rd Sharm Rendezvous and the FAIR 27th Conference Organizing Committee.

Kindly note the following:

The awards ceremony will be held in Closing Ceremony and Gala Dinner. Winners will receive letters by emails before the event (enough time) to start their procedures to attend the awards ceremony
The organizing committee of Sharm Rendezvous offers the winners free registration to the Conference and free accommodation during the official days of the conference.

Our Downloads

Please send your paper to:
For more information, please contact:
Name : Mrs Omayma Nasr
Mobile : 01224464634

Sports Competition 2021 sponsored by QNB Alahli Life

Date of the tournament: 20th September 2021
Time of the tournament: 5:00 pm
Location: “Rixos Premium Sea gate Halls”
Application Deadline: 9th of September 2021

We are glad to announce that this year we will have 3 sports competitions:

1- Tennis tournament
2- Football tournament
3- Chess tournament

General Instructions:

  • The players have bring their sportswear.
  • The games will be judged by Rixos team and trainers
  • The players have to be in the hall ten minutes before the starting time of the game.
  • The awards ceremony will be held at the Gala dinner

For applying, Please send the following data

Tournament ( Football , Chess or Tennis)

Take a look at our sports competition at Sharmrend 2019:

Please send your Application to:
Mr. Ashraf Mohamed
For more information, please contact:
Mobile : +201115000953